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Your Red Lines
Original title: Tus líneas rojas
Category: Non-Fiction | Self-help

Your Red Lines

Original title: Tus líneas rojas
Category: Non-Fiction | Self-help

Learn how to set boundaries, look after yourself and protect yourself emotionally

H ow can I set my own boundaries? How can I address my needs without feeling guilty? Am I being selfish when I draw the line with other people? To get to know which attitudes or behaviours we can accept from others and how to prioritise our own needs is an essential learning process to define who we are and how we want to live. 

Throughout his essay, Tomás Navarro provides us with a quintessential step-by-step guide to unlearn everything that prevents us from establishing clear priorities. Using a simple language and the most relatable common sense, Navarro explores the fundamental foundations for setting our boundaries, elaborating on how self-esteem and self-respect work, elucidating the relevance of self care and why we need to protect and defend ourselves emotionally, and, most importantly what is the essence of assertiveness. 

Using simple explanations based on psychology, and tackling case reports and exercises, Navarro’s essay also introduces us with a simple three-step method to draw our red lines, a method that can be applied to love, work and family, as well as strategies to help us dealing with emotional blackmail and our sense of guilt.

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By the author of Kintsugi, the international best-seller translated into 23 languages!

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Publishing date: | 224 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-27027-0 | Imprint: Zenith

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