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Your Brain is Hungry
Original title: Tu cerebro tiene hambre
Category: Non-Fiction | Health

Your Brain is Hungry

Original title: Tu cerebro tiene hambre
Category: Non-Fiction | Health

The definitive book on obesity, weight loss, new diets and mechanisms to control and distinguish different types of hunger

Your Brain Is Hungry tackles the myths and prejudices surrounding obesity and being overweight, urging us to stop putting all the blame on lack of willpower. Rather than any personal failings, the real obstacles to weight loss are often your swollen adipocytes, overactive microbiota, inactive muscles, your brain’s constant hunger, thrifty genes and that pesky cortisol.

This book offers a fresh, informative and enjoyable perspective on weight loss, drawing on insights from top endocrinologists and the latest global research. It’s all presented with the author’s signature style, blending humor with solid scientific evidence for a truly engaging read.

Highlights Your Brain is Hungry


Dr. Marián García (Boticaria García) takes on the great challenge of dispelling myths and prejudices about overweight and obesity. The time has come to stop blaming lack of willpower. It's not you; the true culprits making weight loss sometimes seem impossible are your inflamed adipocytes, your disrupted microbiota, your sad muscles, your hungry brain, your thrifty genes, or that darn cortisol.


Your Brain Is Hungry addresses weight loss from an informative and entertaining perspective, drawing on the expertise of the best endocrinologists in the country and the latest international scientific studies. And all with her characteristic style, using humor in service of the most rigorous scientific evidence.

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Publishing date: | 352 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-28427-7 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta