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Scars Don't Hurt
Original title: Las cicatrices no duelen
Category: Non-Fiction | Psychology

Scars Don't Hurt

Original title: Las cicatrices no duelen
Category: Non-Fiction | Psychology

How to heal our wounds and undo emotional knots.

When we get a wound, the best thing to do is clean it well and let it dry in the air. This way it will close, it will become a scar and no longer hurt. When we look at it, we will remember what happened, but we will no longer feel pain. If, on the other hand, we cover the wound and tell ourselves it is not there, it could well become infected and generate a larger problem.

The same thing happens with emotional wounds. When something has hurt us, we have to understand how it affects us and see if there are blockages that continue to limit us. This is a path that must be traveled carefully and delicately.

In Scars Don’t Hurt, psychiatrist Anabel Gonzalez shows us a route to emotional healing. Through EMDR therapy, a fascinating way of working on memories and the defenses we raise in the face of pain, we will learn to heal traumas and undo mental knots that prevent us from evolving.

Psychiatrist Anabel Gonzalez teaches us how to heal our wounds and overcome emotional blocks through a revolutionary therapy: EMDR.

Anabel Gonzalez, author of The Good Thing about Having a Bad Day, explains that it is possible to heal traumas, blockages and wounds of the past.

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Portal Publishing (Russia), Beijing Culture Media (China). 

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Publishing date: | 240 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-23909-3 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta

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