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Educating under Fire
Original title: Educar en llamas
Category: Non-Fiction | Education

Educating under Fire

Original title: Educar en llamas
Category: Non-Fiction | Education

A survivor’s manual on pedagogy for desperate teachers and parents 

This is a manual for every teacher to have on their bedside table. A practical book that will help distraught teachers and parents understand the most special minds that exist on the planet: those of school-age children. We all know they demand careful attention to grow and learn correctly, just as we know how easily and often they can utterly disrupt everything. 

Luis López, pedagogue dedicated to educating the most difficult students in the educational system, shares with us his tricks, methods and advice on how to resolve conflicts with those who, as teachers, we struggle with every day. He does so accompanying his explanations with illustrations that humorously represent situations corresponding to the different educational stages of younger children through to adolescents recently entered into puberty.  

He offers us a simple, straightforward guide, without placing blame and written with a lot of empathy to help us face the most complicated moments of this marvelous journey that is to try and educate.  


Highlights Educating under Fire


As amusing and accessible as it is rigorous, Educating under Fire shares with us successful strategies to educate and manage difficult situations with children at home and in the classroom. 

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Publishing date: | 224 pages | ISBN: 978-84-19812-59-9 | Imprint: Temas de Hoy