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Inflammation: Be Aware
Original title: Atención con la inflamación
Category: Non-Fiction

Inflammation: Be Aware

Original title: Atención con la inflamación
Category: Non-Fiction

The ultimate guide to fight chronic inflammation and strengthen our immune system with a proper diet.

Migraines, allergies, thyroid and hormone problems, gastritis, irritable bowel, autoimmune disease, being overweight no matter how many diets you take on, acne, eczema, bloated belly, constipation, fluid retention, muscle and joint pains, and low energy… This is just the beginning of a list of diseases and conditions that can be linked to an immune system that is screaming at you: we are inflamed!

The immune system is in charge of controlling chronic inflammation, and it is behind many conditions in modern life, including those days in which you are feeling unwell without knowing why. To admit that we might be suffering from chronic inflammation, and knowing how to fight it with a proper diet and an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, can remarkably help us to improve our quality of life.

In this book, Dr. Gabriela Pocovi, a top researcher on the impact that our dietary habits have in our immune system, will show you how to take critical steps to strengthen it, tackle inflammation and get back on your healthy feet. The starting point is to take care of your bowels and its microbiota.

What does inflammation have to do with the immune system? What does the immune system have to do with hormones? And what role does microbiota play in all of this? As it turns out, everything inside our bodies is deeply connected. Low-grade chronic inflammation (LGCI) is largely behind many of the diseases and conditions of modern life. It is the breeding ground of chronic illnesses, a permanent disorder that we all fear, and that more than often makes its gradual way to wreak havoc like a quiet, unnoticed enemy.

Let us start the magical journey towards understanding inflammations, the immune system and the microbiota; but, above all, let us learn to reconcile ourselves with it, to understand that there is nothing wrong with inflammation, that all we need to do to prevent it is to keep it under control.

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You can’t change your genes, but if you take care of your intestines and immune system you can change your life.

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Publishing date: | 256 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-26579-5 | Imprint: Zenith