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Allergies, the new epidemic
Original title: Alergia, la nueva epidemia
Category: Non-Fiction

Allergies, the new epidemic

Original title: Alergia, la nueva epidemia
Category: Non-Fiction

A guide to understand, prevent and fight allergies.

There are allergies all year round and in every season. They affect people of all ages and occur everywhere. For some time now, sneezing, itching or bloodshot eyes have become part of our lives and every year more and more people are suffering from them. But what are the causes of this spike? And why does one in four people suffer from this pathology? Allergies are deemed the latest non-infectious epidemic of our times. There are a lot of urban myths and ignorance around them, and many people believe that allergies are curable, while others tend to mix them up with intolerance.

In her latest essay, Dr. Paula Ribó summons all the knowledge she has gathered throughout her training, research and medical practice, and dismantles these false beliefs. Ribó breaks down when and why allergic reactions appear, and which are the most common symptoms according to their typology, discloses the most frequent causes that can trigger a serious reaction, and explains how to proceed in the event of anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock. 

“As you will see, the book consists of seven parts and a postscript.

The first part will help you understand the general concepts and triggers behind allergic reactions, and I’m positive it will solve some of the doubts you may have about it.

I have devoted the second part of the book to allergology consultation. If you have ever been to the allergologist it might ring a bell, but if you haven’t you might as well jot it down.

In the third part you will get familiar with some of the allergic conditions that can trigger respiratory problems and their main causes.

The fourth part tackles food allergies and other allergic conditions related to our diet.

The fifth part is devoted to drug allergies, and the main remedies that we allergists propose.

The sixth part focuses on the skin and some of the conditions we have been dealing with recently.

Finally, the seventh part explores and identifies the insects or bugs that can cause allergies.

As for the postscript you will find different useful information for an allergic person like me, and a handful of curiosities and recommendations about allergies, including nice apps, interesting webs and appealing Instagram accounts, amongst many others.”

Highlights Allergies, the new epidemic


The first informative guide on the complex world of allergies.


Dr. Ribó and her clever advice will make living with allergies much easier.

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Publishing date: | 312 pages | ISBN: 978-84-1344-253-2 | Imprint: Alienta Editorial