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George Lucas. The Wizard of Light
Original title: George Lucas. El mago

George Lucas. The Wizard of Light

Original title: George Lucas. El mago

An invitation to discover the life and work of one of the geniuses of film, whose legend has inspired generations of moviegoers and creators

George Lucas is one of the most celebrated and admired filmmakers of all time. In this book, David M. Buisán shares with us the fascinating story of his life and work. Through his vibrant illustrations, we can relive iconic scenes from Lucas’ films, while learning details and curious facts about the production and realization of his great works as well as other lesser-known ones.

Immerse yourself in the life of the wizard of light and learn about his first contacts with film, the movies that marked his youth and his friendship with the artists who helped him develop his cinematographic vision (Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg), up to global success of his most famous works, such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

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Publishing date: | 192 pages | ISBN: 978-84-19875-70-9 | Imprint: Lunwerg Editores