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And Now Get Over My Kiss
Original title: Y ahora supera mi beso

And Now Get Over My Kiss

Original title: Y ahora supera mi beso

Amara hasn’t had an easy life. However, she has never stopped fighting for what she wants. Thus, the time has come to pack her bags, get on a plane and
start over.

A house with sea views and a new job is what awaits her in Tenerife. And because she needs to get away from all the people who have hurt her, she doesn’t hesitate to say yes to arms and under the orders of a boss, Liam, who
insists on calling her only by her last name. A man who has too many rules, too many women around him and who always, always wears a suit...

Suddenly, Liam and Amara, two independent people who are used to not having to explain themselves to anyone, have had to come to an agreement for the sake of the little one. And without even realising it, in each other, they have each found the person they had never expected to meet.

Megan Maxwell is a social media phenomenon, with thousands and thousands of followers in Spain, Latin America, Brazil, Portugal and Italy. She always draws huge crowds and her signing events last for hours with never-ending queues.

Her fans are her warriors, The Maxwell Warriors, a growing and mostly female community of followers whose values are based on female empowerment, sisterhood, and an unabashed joy of living.

Women who stand on their own, fight to fulfill their dreams, do not have qualms about having a one-night stand or to tell men what they are looking for... These are the main characters of Megan Maxwell’s novels.

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Harde (Poland).

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Publishing date: | 576 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-26598-6 | Imprint: Esencia

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