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The Salt Of The Earth
Original title: Trigo limpio

The Salt Of The Earth

Original title: Trigo limpio

A mesmerising homage to literature, reading, and the work of telling stories.

The narrator of this story is playing a soccer game when he hops over a fence and takes off along an airport runway, just as a plane is about to land. It happens in summertime, as he’s approaching adolescence, and his friends cheer him on as he desperately chases a ball that the east wind wants to steal from him. Long after that frantic incident that will change their lives, when the facts seem to be already neatly folded and stored away in their distant memories, the narrator gets an unexpected, and unnerving, message. Simón, one of his best friends back in the day, who he hasn’t heard from in more than twenty-five years, sends him an email with a proposal: Why don’t you write about us? In a later message Simón regrets his request. From that moment on, the narrator, compelled by his obsession with finding the seed of his next book, insists on tracking down Simón and finding out why he no longer wants him to write their story.

Highlights The Salt Of The Earth


A novel about the margins written from the outskirts.


Winner of the Biblioteca Breve Prize 2021

“A novel narrated with stunning agility and a sense of humor, that portrays a fascination with a childhood spent in a marginal neighborhood on the outskirts of Almería, and the nature of literary invention, evoking the passageways that connect the reading experiences we all carry within us.”

Jury of the Biblioteca Breve Prize

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Publishing date: | 392 pages | ISBN: 978-84-322-3791-1 | Imprint: Seix Barral