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Original title: Simbiosis


Original title: Simbiosis

Year 2000. An alien race called The Ilin arrives on Earth and enters into an agreement with mankind to establish a symbiotic relationship: they offer their knowledge and technology in exchange for sharing their bodies and Earth’s resources. Despite some opposing voices, the new life between humans and Ilin brings great benefits, including a drastic drop in crime rates. This is why, decades later, the whole world is shocked by a terrible series of murders of non-symbiotic humans. The body of the alleged last victim has not been found, so an investigation is opened with the intent of saving that person in time.

Highlights Symbiosis


Finalist of the 2020 Minotauro Prize. 


A choral science fiction work, fresh and innovative, with an interesting premise.


Bruno Puelles is emerging as a young talent of science fiction literature.

Bruno Puelles is one of the most original voices on the current scene. His ability to create believable characters makes any of his works addictive. In this case it’s an almost intimate science fiction focused on the characters, and set in a near future where human beings have established a symbiotic relationship with the ilin, an alien species that seems to have arrived to save us from ourselves…

Technical data

Publishing date: | 424 pages | ISBN: 978-84-450-1223-9 | Imprint: Minotauro