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White Silk, Mauve Fire
Original title: Seda blanca, fuego malva

White Silk, Mauve Fire

Original title: Seda blanca, fuego malva

An Asian-inspired fantasy with steampunk touches that combines, in perfect balance, an adventure novel with exciting worldbuilding.

Princess Jisun of the Beongae dynasty, Daughter of the Storms, disappears after a mysterious attack: an inferno of mauve flames that not even the Monks of the Sun, protectors of the empire, have been able to control. No one knows who is behind the attack or where Jisun is. Her brother, Prince Jisoo Beongae, is tasked with the mission to find her, an investigation he must carry out with the utmost discretion, for those responsible for the mauve fire could be hiding anywhere: in the other dynasties, on the ship from the Continent that has arrived on Losbite shores for the first time in sixteen years... or in the shadows of the Beongae palace itself.

On his adventure, Jisoo is forced to accept the aid of three fellow travellers: Aiya, a Monk of the Sun and rival of the Beongae; Dharani, a brazen dancer who has mastered the magic of the Echo; and Conreth, a foreigner who has arrived from the Continent under mysterious circumstances. Meanwhile, somewhere in the empire, Bian, a young girl with no magical powers, makes a flower sprout.

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Publishing date: | 640 pages | ISBN: 978-84-450-1473-8 | Imprint: Minotauro