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Damn Love
Original title: Maldito hamor

Damn Love

Original title: Maldito hamor

A tale of psychological introspection with a surprising rhythm and ending.

Clea Castán’s passion is renovation, a field in which the young architect is gradually acquiring prestige in her native Madrid. The only daughter of a successful consultant and a housewife, since childhood, the perfection and beauty that surround her work and her independent life have been the values that have guided her through life, always sheltered by the unconditional love of her parents. But this idyllic situation will be turned upside down to an extent that neither Clea nor her parents had ever thought possible. The details could not be of better quality: a mansion to renovate in Biarritz, an attractive English aristocrat, a passionate and sensual love, and a luxurious life filled with beautiful objects. However, the dish that Henry Astor VI cooks for Clea is served cold and bitter, because the dressing carries jealousy, obsession, selfishness, perversion... and death.

Sánchez de Lara picks apart the ‘non-love’ that we appoint ourselves, something that reduces us to nothingness, that makes us want to die or kill, and that leads us into dark abysses.

Biarritz, New York, Madrid, London, and Vienna are the settings for Cruz Sánchez de Lara’s second novel, a psychological thriller that dissects bad love.

She has an obsession. He has a goal. An imperfect crime will drag them into diabolical situations.

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Publishing date: | 536 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-6959-4 | Imprint: Espasa