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The Grey Girl
Original title: La chica gris

The Grey Girl

Original title: La chica gris

A monstrous thriller full of paranormal events that delves into the loss of loved ones and how we deal with their absence.

Isaac Zarco, a journalist and investigator of paranormal events, is not at a great point in his life. The death of his father has deeply affected him and hastened his break-up with Cosette, the love of his life. Stuck in this deep crisis, he begins to doubt if his psychic abilities have ever been real, or if they are just the product of his imagination.

One day, he receives a call from Cosette and her friend Barbara. A ghost seems to have settled in the girls’ house, and they need help to get rid of it and its
disturbing presence. At first Isaac is sceptical, however, wanting to reconnect with Cosette, he decides to launch an investigation. This is how he discovers that there are two different spirits in the house. One is furious and intolerable; the other belongs to a sad and fearful young woman who died at the hands of a ruthless killer. From this moment on, Isaac is involved in a quest against time to locate the murderer who roams the city unpunished.

The Grey Girl is a fast-paced novel, a combination of supernatural thriller and ghost story in Antonio Runa’s particular style.

The author combines masterfully action and emotion and creates a story which is at times dark and dreadful, at others encouraging and touching.

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Publishing date: | 560 pages | ISBN: 978-84-450-1475-2 | Imprint: Minotauro

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