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Horizon of Stars
Original title: Horizonte de estrellas - Premio Minotauro 2022

Horizon of Stars

Original title: Horizonte de estrellas - Premio Minotauro 2022

A haunting epic that fuses the fast rhythm of space operas with the eerie atmosphere of haunted house mysteries.

Soleyko is an engineer who has decided to leave behind her partner and her life on Earth to embark on a colonising mission on a ship with 200,000 other people. The ship has embarked on this expedition with the Idor, an alien race that cooperates with humans despite all the differences that separate them, from the most obvious, such as anatomical, to the most profound, such as their ability to fictionalise: the Idor’s world is divided between certainties and uncertainties.

Mid-journey, and light years away from reaching her final destination, Soleyko wakes up in her hibernation pod earlier than expected. The ship seems to have veered off course and, to make matters worse, the other passengers dozing in the adjacent pods are beginning to show mutations in their DNA; mutations that could have irrevocable consequences and jeopardise the colonisation expedition. A huge unidentified ship appears alongside them in space. All indications point to the fact that it is manned by the Ker, a highly intelligent civilisation with which they have had no previous contact.

Realising that this unexpected appearance and the alterations in the travellers’ DNA could be linked, Soleyko and the higher-ups launch an operation to enter the ship and unravel these mysterious events.

Highlights Horizon of Stars


A reflection on our relationship with "the other" and the place of human beings in the universe.


Winner of the 2022 Minotauro Prize.

Horizon of Stars weaves touches of the horror found in Alien, with surprising twists written in a style reminiscent of Arthur C. Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama and Stanisław Lem’s Solaris, whilst retaining its originality when it comes to imagining races and civilisations that are alien to humans.

“An original and intelligent addition to the science fiction genre that intertwines nostalgic references with the most innovative theories of the genre in a very enjoyable way. An exciting journey to the discovery of other forms of life that go beyond our canons, well-founded and sustained, that will satisfy both purists and a wider public.”
Aranzazu Serrano, journalist and fantasy writer, author of the Neimhaim saga

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Publishing date: | 304 pages | ISBN: 978-84-450-1421-9 | Imprint: Minotauro