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Dark Frontier
Original title: Frontera oscura - Premio Minotauro 2020

Dark Frontier

Original title: Frontera oscura - Premio Minotauro 2020

A well-written novel in the best tradition of space adventure stories.

In the year 2560, humanity has managed to expand to 8,000 planets thanks to anagravonic motors that allow interspace-exspace leaps. Captain Florence
Schiaparelli, known in the Federal Fleet as Florence Halflife, along with the crew of the Banshee, is on a mission to obtain all the data possible about a black hole that she herself has christened The Eye of God.

Suddendly, they detect an unidentified and mysterious ship trapped near the event horizon of the wormhole. It seems impossible, but they discover it is a spaceship which disappeared thousands of years ago: the Necromancer, leaded by the fearless Captain Ursa Krasnaia.

At that point, Florence Schiaparelli must decide whether to risk everything to rescue the legendary ships’ crew. A risky mission because all of them can get lost in the black hole forever.

Highlights Dark Frontier


Winner of the 2020 Minotauro Prize. 

Dark Frontier is a work that explores the secrets of the universe and the inexhaustible curiosity of the human  being to discover them.

“A story that humanizes the epic and narrates space-time through details and emotions.”
Sofía Rhei, author of Newropía

“Science fiction should never lose sight of humanism and that is something that this novel does very well. Beyond her classic and meticulous approach, a passionate heart for human relations and cooperation strongly lingers in it.”
P. Roberto Jiménez, Jury for the 2020 Minotauro Prize

“Ships rescue other ships because the enemy is not the other, but the unknown. This is the first national classic of (philosophical) hard science fiction of the 21st century.”
Laura Fernández, author of Mrs. Potter Isn’t Exactly Father Christmas

Technical data

Publishing date: | 320 pages | ISBN: 978-84-450-0810-2 | Imprint: Minotauro

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