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Leo's Fiery Hair
Original title: León tiene el pelo de fuego

Leo's Fiery Hair

Original title: León tiene el pelo de fuego

Leo has fiery hair. It’s incredible, like having something precious. The problem is that in school, they don’t understand this, and they make fun of him. Leo has such a hard time that he decides to put out the fire. But that doesn’t change much, and instead they just ignore him. What will Leo do now?
Leo’s Fiery Hair is a wonderful fable that shows that every human being is unique, and our differences are precisely what make us special.
Ricardo Cavolo’s words and illustrations are tender and moving, reminding us of the magic in children’s eyes, a world full of colours, fantasy, and adventure. Leo’s world.

Highlights Leo's Fiery Hair


A tender and emotional story about the importance of an education in values, respect and tolerance of the little details that differentiate us from others

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Publishing date: | 48 pages | ISBN: 978-84-19875-62-4 | Imprint: Lunwerg Editores

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