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The Summer Girl
Original title: La chica del verano

The Summer Girl

Original title: La chica del verano

The end of the Summer Trilogy.

An embracing first-person dramedy in which the protagonist chronicles the most decisive years in every woman’s life: the trascendental passage from adolescence to adulthood.

B londie is a sixteen-years-old girl with a great sense of ironic humour. She has fallen in love with Nacho, the bad boy from high school, who hides a mature personality behind his tough appearance. With him, Blondie experiences all the first times of teenage love, until he breaks up with her. At the same time her kindred spirit Lauri leaves to study abroad. Dealing with loneliness, Blondie starts college and soon meets Lucía, Sara and Laux who become really important in her life. It’s also time for her to face new challenges such as poorly paid jobs and leaving her parents’ home. She also meets Alex with whom she begins a passionate, but also toxic relationship. Her friends helps her to open her eyes and finally she puts an end to it. However, life hits her again when her father, with whom she had a strong bond, dies from leukemia. Thanks to the positive attitude she has inherited from him, she overcomes this
loss enjoying the lights, but also the shadows of life.

Summer is just around the corner and Blondie’s travel to Ibiza promises to bring her new adventures. There, she meets Javi, an attractive firefighter with whom she feels a deep connection. After some months, she decides to bet everything on love and moves in to Ibiza, until an urgent call forces her to return immediately: her friend Lucía is ill and needs Blondie by her side. Although this decision may condemn her future with Javi, she comes back. During the months of treatment, the group of friends focus on supporting Lucía and together they learn to live in the present, and squeezing joy out of it, no matter how small.

With this philosophy, Blondie enters her 30’s. Javi comes back and, this time, they seem prepared to share a life in common. They move into a dreamy apartment, but soon doubts return to hover over the couple: Are they willing to take the next step in their relationship? As Blondie navigates the troubled waters of her love life, she also struggles to find her career path. Some unavoidable decisions will lead her to take a realistic look at what she wants and who she really is. Fortunately, there are again her friends to help her dealing with all the challenges adulthood brings them.

Unconditional friendship, like love, can be like a summer yet to come, an explosion of hope and a promise of happiness.

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Publishing date: | 424 pages | ISBN: 978-84-480-4040-6 | Imprint: Libros Cúpula

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