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The Lighthouse of Sleeping Lovers
Original title: El faro de los amores dormidos
Forthcomming title, Falta 1 dia

The Lighthouse of Sleeping Lovers

Original title: El faro de los amores dormidos

An unexpected return, a lighthouse full of secrets, and two unfinished stories that just might deserve a chance for a new ending

Varela de Mar is a small and quiet village. Two hundred and thirty-three inhabitants. A beach that disappears when the tide comes in. An abandoned lighthouse. That’s why Alba hasn’t visited it for five years. Well, all that and the fact that it’s where she learned how much love hurts, and the wound still stings. But Varela is also where her grandfather Pelayo lives. He’s started to forget things, and now he needs her. And then there are the memories she left in the streets when she ran away and didn’t look back. Plus there’s Enol. The boy with the strange conversations, the boy obsessed with the tides, the boy who seems to have been born in the wrong era.

“A gorgeous story about summer loves, unforeseen tides, and a secret that will remain forever in readers’ hearts.”-Alice Kellen. 

A tender story about summer loves that last for eternity. An emotional novel that encourages us to fight for our memories, even if sometimes forgetting
is inevitable.

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Publishing date: | 496 pages | ISBN: 978-956-6145-61-5 | Imprint: Crossbooks