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Svend Morthens

Svend Morthens

Akureyri, Islandia, 3 de julio de 1971

Svend Morthens was born on July 3, 1971 in Akureyri (Northern Iceland). During his teens, he was part of the Icelandic section of Chaos Computer Club, a group of hackers who kept in suspense both banks and European and American secret services in the decade of the 80’s.
In the early 90s, he left suddenly lceland without any apparent reason.
For a long time, he lived incognito in diff erent countries.
In 2005 he discovered he had a daughter. Apparently, the fi rst meeting between the two of them was a complete failure. It is said that Svend began writing for young audiences as a way to understand and approach his teenage daughter.
In any case, he was successful in his attempt because since then his daughter spends long periods with him.