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Fernando Gómez Soria

Fernando Gómez Soria

Fernando Gómez has always been interested in nature and environmental themes. He studied natural healing and has worked in a number of fields. In London he worked as a waste supervisor at Whole Foods Market. It was there that he became conscious of the immense quantity of wasted food, the absurdity of much packaging, and the urgent need to reduce how much we throw away.

Patri and Fer started the blog vivirsinplastico.com in August of 2015. At first they only published a single photo every Sunday of the plastic waste they had generated in the course of the week. Soon they started receiving emails and commentaries from people on the same path. Not long afterward, they decided to write about alternatives they had discovered to avoid plastic and to interview people who inspired them, and in this way the blog and their social networks slowly became a place for raising consciousness and spreading the word about the problem of plastics until it eventually became a reference point on the subject in Spain.