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Your Future Is Today
Original title: Tu futuro es hoy
Category: Non-Fiction

Your Future Is Today

Original title: Tu futuro es hoy
Category: Non-Fiction

46 keys to create your destiny.

Often, what’s happening with us is that we don’t know what’s happening. They haven’t taught us what is happening inside us, and that can cause us frustration when we don’t know how to manage it. That’s why understanding the why (causes) of our personal situation brings us into a better position to transform our lives. After that, we have to apply the what (actions) and the how (strategies) to become the person we always wanted to be and get to the place we’ve always wanted to go.

Throughout these pages, the reader can look deep into how to overcome fears, why it is important to learn to focus, how to cultivate trust in oneself, why it’s essential to learn to speak in public, how to change negative thoughts for positive ones, why people fail when it’s time to achieve their goals, and how the environment affects out lives. More than forty-six questions in all that will prove useful to any person who wants to have success.

In this work, the authors condense all their knowledge and experience in the world of personal development, facilitating in a brief, simple, and practical way the tools to go from reflection to action. Without a doubt, a book that will change your life.

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Turn yourself into the best version of you.

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Publishing date: | 352 pages | ISBN: 978-84-15678-96-0 | Imprint: Alienta Editorial

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