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Mum, I'm trans
Original title: Mamá, soy trans
Category: Non-Fiction

Mum, I'm trans

Original title: Mamá, soy trans
Category: Non-Fiction

A manual to help families with self-declared transsexual children.

What to do when a gender identity issue involving a teenager comes up in a family?

Using an accessible language for the general public, and filled with case studies and specific examples, Mum, I’m Trans is a guide for families whose children come out as transgender that explains what is the correct course of action to follow when this happens.

If you are concerned about the cultural transmission of transgender identity amongst teenagers, this book provides you with the appropriate background to communicate with the adolescent, and teaches you how to track down the origin of the issue, how to understand the way they feel and what is the meaning of such conflicts in today’s life.

A more accurate diagnose of the trans issue can only be possible if we immerse ourselves in the social networks that the adolescent has been consuming for dozens of hours a week since childhood, if we get to know how the messages aired through media outlets and their school environment affect them, and if we ultimately understand the proportions of the industry and business that lays behind all these issues.

The book features the account of Nagore de Arquer, a deserter of the gender transition process, whose invaluable first-hand insights help the authors, Errasti and Pérez, to explore the ups and downs of gender self-determination.

The book is written with utter empathy, closeness and the most scrupulous respect for the youngsters suffering from gender identity issues, one of the biggest problems of their generation.

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Publishing date: | 256 pages | ISBN: 978-84-234-3580-7 | Imprint: Deusto

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