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World Domination. A Visual Guide to Power
Original title: El dominio mundial
Category: Non-Fiction

World Domination. A Visual Guide to Power

Original title: El dominio mundial
Category: Non-Fiction

If in his first book, How They Rule the World, Pedro Baños explained how, for what purpose and with what strategies the powerful tried to control countries and people, in this new work he takes a further step towards the full democratization of geo-strategy and details the instruments used to achieve this planetary domination.

Military force, economic capacity, diplomacy, intelligence services, natural resources, knowledge and strategic communication, among others, are shown as the tools used by the great powers to impose their will and control. The balance of power of nations also includes demography and technology, factors that, as the author says, will change the international scene in the coming years. From this perspective, we can glimpse the disturbing hypothesis of a change in the geo-political paradigm, a premise that ends up completing the tentacles that make up power.

In this clearly and precisely written work, Pedro Baños offers us a surprising image of the elements used for world domination through a study that, as in the previous book, is marked by intellectual and historical rigor. Accompanied by numerous illustrations to easily visualize references and data, World Domination complements How They Rule the World and again delights those who wish to know how international power really works and how that reality is hidden from us citizens.

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Pedro Baños is the author of the bestseller How They Rule the World, translated into 5 languages and published in 12 countries.

A work full of historical and current data that allows us to understand the current geo-political paradigm.

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Publishing date: | 368 pages | ISBN: 978-84-344-2925-3 | Imprint: Editorial Ariel

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