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Love Begins In You
Original title: El amor comienza en ti
Category: Non-Fiction

Love Begins In You

Original title: El amor comienza en ti
Category: Non-Fiction

To love yourself and enjoy the present is one of the most important goals in life. Don’t compare yourself to others. Every answer lives inside you.

A book by Curro Cañete, the author of the international bestseller El poder de confiar en ti (The power of trusting yourself).

To build a meaningful life you will need a good self-esteem. That is why to love yourself is the best step to be happy, feel at ease and love others.

We live in a world full of demands and challenges, where taking a moment to just think about yourself is increasingly difficult.

In this practical and rigorous essay, the popular writer Curro Cañete open handedly shares the specific steps necessary to free yourself from negative attachment, loving you unconditionally and becoming an emotionally strong person. Here and now starts your chance to love yourself truly. When you read this book and once you succeed in doing so, everything will be different: things will work out better, reality will be kinder and you will enjoy life just as you deserve it.

You are about to start a journey that will transform your life.  

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Planeta Manuscrito (Portugal), Bellona (Polonia).

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Publishing date: | 264 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-27277-9 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta