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Achilles in Tik Tok
Original title: Aquiles en TikTok
Category: Non-Fiction | Philosophy

Achilles in Tik Tok

Original title: Aquiles en TikTok
Category: Non-Fiction | Philosophy

A plea for classical virtue and against the immorality of today’s influencers.

A work that vindicates classical philosophy as an educational tool, and dreams to build a society based on classical values such as excellence, braveness, wisdom and equanimity. 

Achilles in Tik Tok questions the feverish productivity and sense of urgency imposed by the Capitalist system, claiming that contentment only comes to those who focus on what is relevant; that is, the pursuit of happiness and a life based on virtue.

While searching what teachings could be more useful to help today’s youngsters to face their complex tomorrow, we often forget the importance of knowledge that has no practical consequences. Philosophical education demands an effort that doesn’t seem to be worth it in a world obsessed with instant satisfaction. Influencers are replacing the classical authors who have guided humanity for thousands of years as we speak. However, ancient texts have a transformative power for human virtue that can hardly be replaced by the icons of social networks.

Eduardo Infante turns to the greatest philosophers of Classical Greece, the likes of Socrates, Plato, Homer to Aristotle, to underscore the importance of virtue, a quality that we must preserve in order to live our lives to its fullest meaning. The author inquires how to achieve and transmit virtue to our offspring, and wonders if it lives within us naturally or if we need to develop an educational model based on it. This is a reference book that seeks to illuminate a brighter, more humanistic future where we could live with a sense of purpose.

I must confess that, same as Meno, I feel mystified and puzzled to the point that even though on many occasions I have spoken of virtue, I can’t even tell what virtue is anymore. That is why I’m turning, with much reverence, to those men who devoted their lives to unravelling these mysteries: Homer, Hesiod, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Their long echoing voices, Classical to us, share the virtues of fire: they give light and warm up our hearts. That is why my intention is to illuminate our present with that fire of yesteryear’s, and yet eternal, flames. I want to redirect our steps towards the hill where Socrates and Crates await for us to share their bliss.

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Using his proverbial fresh and accessible writing, the author sheds light on complex philosophical concepts through pop culture references.

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Publishing date: | 240 pages | ISBN: 978-84-344-3627-5 | Imprint: Editorial Ariel