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Original title: Nigromante


Original title: Nigromante

Entrerríos is becoming an uninhabitable village. Crops are getting worse every year, game is scarce, the land is getting sick and rotting, and even the undead are starting to appear. Its inhabitants know it but are afraid to say it: a necromancer has settled in La Entraña, on the other side of the mountains, and he’s endangering their lives. The son of Miles, the village chief, has just disappeared, and a group of farmers armed with little more than knives and hammers decide to set out in search of the necromancer. The farmers will face an evil they can barely comprehend and greater than they could ever imagine. Whether they can advance on their journey will depend on the magical energy of the witch Neana.

Highlights Necromancer


The author masterfully combines fantasy with horror and science fiction elements to create a complex universe set in the Iron Age.


Carlos Sisí is one of the most prolific science fiction, fantasy and horror authors in the Spanish language.

Technical data

Publishing date: | 442 pages | ISBN: 978-84-450-0535-4 | Imprint: Minotauro

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