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Colder Than War
Original title: Más fría que la guerra - Premio Minotauro 2021

Colder Than War

Original title: Más fría que la guerra - Premio Minotauro 2021

Since 1969, mankind has suffered, in isolated incidents, the attack of “badtrips”, indestructible murderous creatures from another dimension. In 1989, Lieutenant Arturo Crespo, a CESID intelligence officer, is chosen for a mission with a credibility on par with the contempt professed against him by his boss and his colleagues: to get Spain into the Alterdimensional Defense Organization, the institution that ensures the safety of citizens against attacks of supernatural nature. In a Cold War context, Arturo will have to join forces with the paraphysical agents Callahan and Mazur to stop the increasingly frequent attacks of “badtrips”.

Highlights Colder Than War


Winning novel of the XVI Minotauro Prize (2021).


A uchronia that combines comedy, terror, and science fiction.

A novel of espionage and science fiction as funny as surprising which takes usual elements of both genres but mixes them in a way that’s absolutely original and personal. It’s like playing the most fun and absorbing role-playing game in the world.

Technical data

Publishing date: | 304 pages | ISBN: 978-84-450-1182-9 | Imprint: Minotauro