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The Voice of the Brave
Original title: La voz de los valientes

The Voice of the Brave

Original title: La voz de los valientes

In times of peace, they played at being others. In times of war, they found out who they really were.

Hilda Sagnier’s husband, the prestigious Bavarian Count of Fallstein, has been completely seduced by Hitler. Determined to fight for what she believes in, the countess does not hesitate to risk her life, push her limits, and pretend to be who she is not to help those persecuted by the regime.

Meanwhile, in Barcelona, the Nazis begin to wine and dine José Manuel, a businessman whose objective is very clear. José Manuel, who was a spy during the Spanish Civil War, doesn’t take long to get stuck into a highly secret mission of capital importance, a mission that will lead him to mingle with the German elite and get to know the high society of Potsdam. There, where everyone is relaxed and tongues are loose, the spy must find and destroy the weapon with which the Germans bank on their victory.

Rafael Tarradas firmly establishes his career with his third novel, following The Heir and The Valley of the Archangels. A compelling story for espionage fans.

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Publishing date: | 680 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-6968-6 | Imprint: Espasa