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Original title: Hechicero


Original title: Hechicero

It is said that it was Briamor Candess who, aided by four other wizards, built the haughty and impressive citadel tower destined to house the entire community of wizards that existed until then scattered throughout the world, and which was called The Light of the West. For a very long time it was a place that the world looked at with admiring and frightened eyes, because it was the hypocentre of an unleashed power. But power is always in the eyes of those who covet it, and The Western Light was to be no exception. Sorcerer tells the parable of Ellör Litos Ceoril, one of the Five Founders, from the early days of glory until he was forced to live in exile, hidden and isolated, and... what happened next. Sorcerer is brimming with magic and bears witness to the rise and fall of the Light of the West as it happened. Like Necromancer, it will have a full-color cover and interior drawings by the prestigious illustrator Tomás Hijo.

Highlights Sorcerer


Carlos Sisí is one of the most prolific science fiction, fantasy and horror authors.


The author masterfully combines fantasy with horror and science fiction elements to create a complex universe set in the Iron Age.

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Publishing date: | 362 pages | ISBN: 978-84-450-1221-5 | Imprint: Minotauro

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