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Batman. Night Serenade
Original title: Batman. Serenata nocturna

Batman. Night Serenade

Original title: Batman. Serenata nocturna

The definitive account of the creation of the Dark Knight.

A well-deserved homage to one of the most tragic figures in the history of comics.

In the 1930s, Bob Kane created Batman. That’s what everyone believes, that’s what appears in the credits of every comic book, movie, television series, or merchandising related to the character, but no one knows that it’s not entirely true. Kane had the help of Bill Finger, one of the best screenwriters the comic book world has ever seen, and yet one of the best-kept secret identities to date. 

Finger lived in anonymity throughout his life and died alone, poor, and without any official recognition for his participation in the creation of the character. Batman: Night Serenade presents the definitive account of the creation of the Dark Knight, supported by exclusive statements and interviews with comic book historians, as well as Batman authors and editors who knew Finger personally, and have finally broken their silence. 

Batman: Night Serenade features an exclusive introduction by Roy Thomas, editor and writer for DC Comics and Marvel, and interviews with various people who were close to Finger, such as his granddaughter Athena Finger, and Jens Robinson (the son of Jerry Robinson who created the Joker with Finger). 

David Hernando builds captivating, emotional, and fascinating tribute to one of the most well-known DC superheroes. A declaration of love for his story and his significance in popular culture.

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Publishing date: | 248 pages | ISBN: 978-84-450-1184-3 | Imprint: Minotauro

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