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Beneath Dry Soil
Original title: Bajo tierra seca
César Pérez Gellida

Beneath Dry Soil

Original title: Bajo tierra seca

César Pérez Gellida


A Tarantinesque rural thriller about an enigmatic and seductive widow who marked the fate of all those who crossed her path, leaving behind her a trail of passion, blood and soil. 

Deep Spain, early 20th century. Antonia Monterroso, better known as the Widow, is the owner of one of the best haciendas in the region. She struggles to keep it going during a period of lean times that never seems to end and which particularly affects rural areas. However, a fire destroys everything she has worked so hard to build and, in its aftermath, she disappears. 

Lieutenant Martín Gallardo travels to the scene of the fire accompanied by Sargent Pacheco to investigate the incident. Five days earlier, the Widow had filed a report against Jacinto Padilla, the foreman of her estate and former lover, who has been arrested in Zafra with a bag full of money and jewels. He swears he provoked the fire on orders from Antonia and that she gave him the bag to take with him because they were going to begin a new life far from there. During the interrogation, Padilla confesses to a series of macabre acts that leads to a radical twist in an investigation that will end up turning bloody. Gallardo, like everyone else who lives in the area, has heard of the enigmatic Widow, but what he doesn’t know is that he will be taking on a case from which he won’t escape unscathed. 

Highlights Beneath Dry Soil


A fast-paced, meticulously arranged plot which masterfully transports the reader to the 20th century rural Spain to give life to characters whose strength and attitudes make them impossible to forget.  


A story in which ambition, inner strength and the fight for survival will all cross paths.  

Rights sold

Ponte Alle Grazie (Italy)

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Publishing date: | 504 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-6508-1 | Imprint: Ediciones Destino